Wireless Networks

Wireless network surveys poster

Theses days having reliable wireless internet access is almost as important as having running water. M21 Technology Services specialise in setting up wireless networks and cater for all types of premises, including houses and public houses.

If you are having problems with your wireless internet access why not arrange a wireless survey? We will produce a report highlighting any problems and proposed solutions. The report will also highlight any problems with interference and collisions from nearby wireless equipment.

The survey costs £35.00 but this price will be deducted from the cost of any proposed solutions. In most cases the cause of wireless problems is easily resolved and the solution is therefore inexpensive.

Some of the wireless services we offer include:-

  • Wireless router installations
  • Access points to extend the range
  • Configuration of wireless and network printers
  • Connecting all wireless devices to the netwok such as TVs and tablets.
  • Wireless security including resetting lost passwords
  • Wireless Printers
  • Converting desktops to wireless